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In one of my first posts on the blog titled ‘Fashion Resolutions’, I mentioned a few style changes I’m working on this year, including changing up my hair more often. I’m proud to say that I’ll be revealing a new hairstyle soon and will update when I do.

Speaking of hair, there’s so much talk about the ‘natural hair movement‘ which was documented in the NY Times. Celebrities like Solange are providing hairinspiration by documenting their journeys.

Let’s put an African inspired  spin on things. J D Okhai Ojeikere is a Nigerian photographer whose most famous work was the ‘Hairstyles‘, which featured about a 1000 different Nigerian women and their creative hairstyles.

I found the pics below in a post titled ‘Vintage Coiffure’ via Kiffe Coco and they were taken in Nigeria and Senegal.


The first time I saw Haitian Joanne Pief’s work was at an event called ‘The Reawakening series’ at a gallery in NYC last summer where my friend Iyadede performed. A few days ago, she was featured on Vogue Black in an article titled ‘Redressing the Crown‘. There were a couple of other people who displayed their art that day, but noone stood out to me more than Pief’s pictures. By the way, did you know Haiti is the newest member of the African Union?

*Pics from Vogue Black.

I discovered a tumblr called ‘I love Box Braids‘ which I love and thought I’d share. Here are 101 + black hair ideas .


I didn’t’ forget about the gents this time. One of my favorite menswear sites Street Etiquette recently posted a series called ‘Crowned’.  According to the site, the  “There is no question that the inspiration runs parallel to many of the hair styles that came from individuals like  Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, ASWAD, BDK. the Native Tongues collective ( A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, and Jungle Brothers)  and a little bit of everything in between.”Fun Fact: Joshua and Travis went to my old college WCC and Travis was actually in my Marketing Management class where we worked on a Starbucks project.

Township Barbershop series.

I remember when I lived in Lusaka, Zambia and at the local Olympia market, I would be fascinated by the wall paintings advertising men’s haircuts. It seems like in South Africa and other African nations, similar paintings are posted. I found this series via Another Africa.

Here’s an interesting story; In the capital city of my country Lusaka, Zambia Masai men from Kenya and Tanzania are apparently the best hair braiders. My sisters had their hair done with them in 2010 and they are super quick.

*Pictures courtesy of Another Africa.

SHAMELESS PLUG: My friend Elton whose an upcoming photographer recently spent a day at a local baber shop in  Albany, NY and took some pretty cool pictures which you can check out here .

PS: The title of the post was inspired by this India Arie song ‘I am Not My Hair’.

So that’s it folks. Would you try any of the styles shown above?

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